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New movie released today

I get Peacock via my Xfinity/Comcast account for "free". So maybe I'll have to reserve some couch time to watch, even with the ads Peacock throws in.

I haven't yet figured out how to add Peacock to AS, eventually I might try. I just don't want to try and end up having the price for Peacock become an addition to my Xfinity bill.
Thanks, @RedFox 1, your topic of the Oppenheimer movie being available on Peacock. With a bit of hunting around and a lot of crossed fingers and toes I finally finagled AnyStream to access my Peacock subscription I have via Comcast/Xfinity. I just needed to change/update my Peacock password and I now can download what I see on Peacock.

Vacuuming up Oppenheimer as I type this! :D
BTW, watching Oppenheimer through the Peacock app on my Xfinity/Comcast cable boxes has 164 seconds of ads up front, the movie itself is "commercial free."