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No fox, no job, no future?

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Jan 28, 2007
We all were shocked when message came on Monday to shut down SlySoft website. Staff has still no complete information about what really happened and what's going on in Antigua, as nobody of the SlySoft team is physically based in Antigua. We don't even know each other.

The current situation is kind of frustrating for all of us, customers and staff. We were all proud to work for a company like SlySoft. We enjoyed each single positive feedback we got from the community (the blames we tried to ignore). I speak not only for myself - SlySoft team members love their job. We love the feeling to be part of something good. Even movie industry should love us, as many of SlySoft customers said: "If not for the possibility of making private copies of my movies, I would never have bought that many". Without possibility of private copy and format shift, UHD Blu-ray will not get popular.

We (developers and admins) had a few chat conferences this week and we came to the conclusion that if we have the backup of the community, we might consider to continue the development on our own.

Any (on topic) feedback is greatly appreciated.
I doubt i'll be speaking for myself either, but i can pretty much guarantee you'll have the backing of the entire user community! We all thought it would happen one day, but with a little bit more of a headsup before the shutdown that's all. Though there's not a doubt in my mind we all want you to continue, i think the couple dozen posts of us users where every single one of them (in one way or another) states we'd hate to have to resort to the blue monkey to be able to do what we want / need to do!

On a personal level, if the decision is actually made to continue you can damn sure count on my continued services for updating NL translations, forum moderation if needed and anything else that's in my capabilities and you'd need me to do!
I can offer a video blog on my popular website for you guys. Im good with sound and video.... can also be a beta tester and im very well versed with the bluray structure. Rotty and I behind the scenes molded a program called mplsdecoder. I was the beta tester.and video designer and he wrote the code. I helped.him with screenpass and have help over 20, 000 users all over the internet with my how to videos. PM me if you need help.
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With respect to UHD, given DVDFab's throwing in the towel for AACS 2.0 then who else could it possibly be? Do I need to say it!? Not that I ever expected them to succeed first, anyway. ;)

I find it impossible to believe that the support for a continuation of the ingenuity displayed by the developers can be overlooked by the community even if many people may have taken for granted just exactly how insanely complex the work was behind what made it possible to backup a disc so easily. For the community to lose the expertise of the developers is simply frightening and, frankly, unacceptable.

My only fear is the apathy I see by a growing number of people who find streaming to be more than adequate. That said, I still believe the community contains enough people who truly want to protect their investments and should be able to do so.

Obviously, I want to see you continuing what you've always done!
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i am with you since anydvd Long Long time ago.
i hope slysoft will survive :)
and so u it is wihout anydvd the industry will wish it back.
James: I haven't seen any comments posted about your recently changed title ("Ex-Slysoft.."). I'll be watching to see if the Ex disappears.
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