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The slow death of "Coyote vs. Acme is sending Hollywood into an era of disposable content

Corporations are not artists. They do not exist to make art they exist to create revenue and profit. Artists are the ones who wish to make art which is why artists and those who fund/employ them are historically often at odds with one another as their goals are different. This is a thing that is as old as time.

Corporations also do not have a morality as they are not a person or a small group. If they did then laws and regulations would not be needed.

In the US anyway, corporations have typically been reigned in by market forces and anti-monopoly laws. Now that the government often picks winners and losers, the free market forces are gone and some companies are allowed to abuse the market as they wish without any consequences.

This is where all the odd behavior comes from in some of the creative spaces like Movies and even gaming. Why does Madden Football stink every year? Because there is no competition and many people buy it anyway so there is no motivation for doing any more that so long as the cash keeps rolling in.

If market forces can return and new companies are no longer stomped out and are allowed to fill the vacuum, you will see a tsunami of creativity causing something of a Renaissance.